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From feathers and shells to honks and howls,
Fox Valley Wildlife Center education programs
bring the wonders of native wildlife to you!

Fox Valley Wildlife Center's education programs are fun and informative.
You and your group will learn about conservation, ecology, wildlife rehabilitation, and the importance of coexisting with our wild neighbors.

Programs are $100 each unless otherwise noted.  Invite an ambassador animal for an additional $15 each, with a maximum of 2.

  •  Programs over 20 miles from the center, travel fees also apply. Please call or email for quote
  •  $50.00 assembly/large group fee added for programs with over 30 attendees.
  •  Groups over 80, please call or email for quote.

Girl/Boy Scout Patch Program

 This program is especially created for girl and boy scouts. Students learn about waterfowl, songbirds, mammals, and reptiles, as well as meet one of our education ambassadors. Each scout also gets to make a cool craft and take home a Fox Valley Wildlife Center Patch!                                                                                                  $15 per student, adults free

  Raptor (Birds of Prey) Program

 This 30 minute presentation describes all the native raptors in Illinois. At the end of the presentation, you can ask questions while meeting our very own education ambassador raptor. Skulls, talons, and preserved wings will be a part of this fascinating presentation. Perfect for adults and children alike who are interested in these captivating birds.

Animal Adventures

 Meet the Fox Valley Wildlife Center and learn about the work that we do. This program is includes stories of animals we have encountered, as well as a look at some of the care our patients receive. Find out how you can be involved in our mission of " Helping Wildlife In Need"!

Classification for Kids

 What makes a mammal a mammal and a bird a bird? In order for us to understand how all living organisms are related, they are arranged into different groups. The more features that a group of animals share, the more specific the group is. Learn about the different ways that scientists categorize animals and why you need to remember “Kings Play Chess On Fine Glass Sets”.

Skeletal Sleuths

 Can you identify an animal from its skull? Bones can tell us many things about creatures and how they once survived in their natural environment. A few relatively simple observations can tell us what the animal ate, whether the animal was predator or prey, and which senses were most important to the animal’s survival. Join the investigation and solve the mystery!

Mammal Madness

 What is a mammal? This program focuses on the habits, traits, and characteristics of mammals. You will look at animal tracks and learn about baby and adult mammals. Play a fun game of Mammal Jeopardy and find out which furry friends call Illinois home.

Bird Bonanza

 Explore the different characteristics and features of birds. Observe how birds fly and the shapes of their wings, and investigate how observing birds helped develop the concept of machine flight. See what feathered friends call Illinois home.

Animal Abodes

 What places do animals call home? We will look at a variety of animals, where they live and what they need to survive. Learn about habitat fragmentation, loss, and its impact on different species. Discover ways to make your own backyard wildlife friendly and even how to become a certified habitat!

Endangered Illinois

 An endangered species is a plant or animal that is in danger of becoming extinct within all or a portion of its range. A species listed as endangered by the state of Illinois is at risk of disappearing as a breeding species in the wild within the state. Discover the 478 species that are listed as endangered or threatened in Illinois and ways you can help these animals in need.

Wildlife Tales and Truths

 Are owls wise? Do all birds eat worms? Learn the answer to these questions and more as we look at some commonly held ideas people have regarding our wild friends. How well do you know your animal neighbors?

Question and Answer

 Would you like us to attend your event without giving a formal presentation? Then this is the program for you! We can set up a booth or table and bring educational materials and animals to your event.                                                    Prices for this program vary

Custom Designed Option

 Fox Valley Wildlife Center Education Programs are very flexible. We can focus on any animal or group of animals, gear a program to a specific age group, or focus on any information in which you may be interested. In the past, we’ve done programs for schools, birthday parties, retirement homes, nursing homes, camps, libraries, churches, garden clubs, and more!                                                                                                                     Prices for this program vary

Program price includes 1 animal education ambassador. Additional ambassador animals are $10 each, with a maximum of 3.
Programs within 20 miles: No charge
Programs 20 - 30 miles: $30  additional
Programs 30 - 40 miles: $50  additional
Programs 40 - 50 miles: $70  additional
Programs 50 - 60 miles: $90  additional
If your program is over 60 miles from our center, please call for a quote.

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Thank you for supporting Fox Valley Wildlife Center! All proceeds go to helping wildlife in need. 


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