Our Patients

While we are not able to provide updates on all of our wild patients (close to 3000 in 2013!) we do provide updates from time to time on our Face Book page.

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Intake Date: 12/16/2011

Story:  Was seen at a squirrel feeder, with no hair.  After calling Fox Valley, a have-a-heart trap was set up and she was brought to the center

Condition: Hair loss due to Mange (a species specific parasite), and her front incisors were grown into the roof of her mouth


Status: Currently getting rehabilitated. Her front incisors were cut to a normal length with wire cutters, her mange is being treated with anit-parasitics **Normally rodents grind their teeth on hard food items to wear them down.  Since her health was compromised by the mange, she did not eat properly.  Her incisors could have continued to grow, eventually killing her by penetrating her brain.


01/14/2012: Her hair is growing back and her teeth are staying the normal length!  She's eating great!  The tip of her tail fell off due to the mange, but we caught it before anything else happened


1/27/2012:  She is looking like a squirrel.  Now we just have to wait for her to re-gain her full coat.



Wood Duck

Intake Date: 11/14/2011


Story:  Was found with a broken wing by the intersection of State Street and Congress in Chicago. She had no way out!

Condition: Slight Fracture to left wing at the "elbow". We suspect that she will make a full recovery.

Status: Currently getting rehabilitated. She is currently on cage rest. Her wing was wrapped for added stability.

11/20/11: The wing wrap is off! She is still on cage rest so she doesn't cause further injury.

12/1/11: She has been moved outside and flying great. Should be released soon!


12/18/11: She was released!!!! She went to a pond that doesn't freeze and has houses up. Thanks to a very special volunteer who donates their land for wood ducks!

Rock Dove

Intake Date: 10/30/2011

Story:  Was found covered in motor oil.We are unsure on how this happened.


Condition: Motor oil covered over 80% of his body. Dehydrated. Thin. Has some minor punctures on body.

Status: Currently getting rehabilitated. 10/30/2011: Receiving daily Dawn baths and getting medicated for the wounds.

11/10/2011: We have stopped the baths and he is looking beautiful!!! The picture on the bottom left are his new shiny feathers!

12/1/2011: We have moved him outside into the aviary and he is lookin' good! The weather will determine his release date. Stay tuned.....

12/16/2011: He was flying really well and we weren't able to tell which one was him anymore. He was released around the Center and we haven't seen him since! Good Luck!


Photos are compliments of Dr. Erin O'Connor from Vitality Chiropractic Center. She volunteers her time to help out in cases like this guy.

10/31/2011 Update: He is able to perch on his own and is actually able to fly in short spurts. He was never able to fly before. Most rehabilitation facilities would not have given this guy a second chance because he is a Starling but Fox Valley Wildlife Center is giving him the best chance at a second life!

11/10/11 Update: He was able to fly in straight line from one side of the cage to the other. He is able to move his head in all directions. Looking at releasing him soon!

11/16/11 Update: He was released!!!! Thank you for all your help Dr. Erin!!!


Great-horned Owl
                           Intake Date: 10/14/2011

Story: He was found in the bushes of a St. Charles resident. After several phone calls, we finally got the bird here.He was believed to have a broken wing.


Condition: Weak; thin; no apparent fractures.


Status: Released in St. Charles, IL on 10/30/2011. Good Luck!