About Us
The Fox Valley Wildlife Center is a private, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We rely solely on donations and grants that we receive.
What We Do

The center provides hospital care for wild animals who are in need of help. Most of the animals that we receive have been impacted by man in some way. They are caught by a cat, hit by a car, or become tangled in fishing lines. Our goal is to release these animals back in to the wild because they deserve a second chance.

To help educate the public and raise awareness of living in harmony with our wild neighbors, we offer several eduction programs to a variety of audiences. To view a list of program offerings, visit our Education Programs page.

Fox Valley Wildlife Center is

• A wildlife hospital
• A resource for people concerned about and frustrated by wildlife
• A state and federally licensed facility


Our Hours

May through August 23, we are open for animal intake from 8:00am-5:00pm every day.
August 24 through September 30, we are open for animal intake from 8:00am-2:00pm every day.
October 1 through April, we are open for animal intake from 8:00am-noon every day.

The Fox Valley Wildlife Center was founded in 2000 by individuals who recognized the increasing need for wildlife rehabilitators in Kane County. Thus, the center started through the acquisition the old ranger’s house and surrounding property in a lease from the Kane County Forest Preserve. Over the next year, the board of directors was formed, volunteers recruited and staff hired. The center opened its doors to wildlife in the Spring of 2001, and took in over 1,000 animals by the end of the year. Over 2300 animals were treated in 2011
Mission Statement
Helping Wildlife in Need.